The Kongsberg C Edge, the newest cutting table in the Kongsberg C Series, is ideal for all your sign and corrugated production.

Step up your productivity with the its high speed (75m/min) and acceleration (1G), and astound your customers with impressive, high quality results and fast turnarounds. As your company grows, the Kongsberg C Edge evolves with you and can be easily upgraded in both speed and acceleration.

Usage of Kongsberg C Edge:

– produce using a wide range of materials
– fewer manual tool changes with extra fast tool position
– consistent milling accuracy
– available with or without conveyor

– powerhead for heavy duty production with 50kg downforce
– high quality crease lines with 150mm crease wheel
– corruspeed tool for cut quality excellence at 100% speed
– available with or without conveyor

Maximum speed 75m/min – 49 in/sec
Maximum acceleration 1.G
Maximum material widht (with conveyor feed) 3210mm (126½ in.)
Maximum material widht (without conveyor feed) 3330×5330 mm (131 x 210in.)

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