The Kongsberg X cutting table is the most versatile digital finishing device on the market, whether your focus is 2D or 3D; packaging, signs or displays.

Usage of Kongsberg X cutting table:

– for sample making, short run production and other packaging-related tasks
– Production on a wide range of materials, with fewer manual tool changes
– extra fast tool loading, auto recognition and calibration
– available with felt or PVC underlay

– signage, packaging or display production
– great quality for any job or application
– ability to add a conveyor system to support automated board & roll feeding
– a variety of milling options to match your throughput requirements
– perfect print-to-cut registration

– cutting of flexo plates and patches
– operates back to back with your imaging device, physically and digitally
– fits in a truly tailored workflow defined together with Esko’s Digital Flexo team
– can also be equipped to produce dedicated shipping boxes for your finished plates

Maximum speed 50 m/min -33 in/sec
Maximum acceleration 5.6 m/s2
Maximum material size 2270×6930 mm (89×273 in.)

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