LED UP backlite mobile light box display – novelty in the market

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LEDGo backlite light box display, lightweight but stable aluminum construction of just 8.7 kg. which is easy to assemble and disassemble without the need for tools. Thanks to the LED illumination, the exhibition’s textural design gives complete clarity and visibility, and no over-maintenance is required.

The high-quality OSRAM LED illumination emphasizes the vibrancy and strength of the colors and motives shown on the fabric viewed from every corner. The product is 100×200 cm in size, and it is possible to print on Latex, UV or sublimation. In case you want to use the larger surface of this backlite textile display, it is enough to connect multiple pieces together.

This LEDGo backlite display can be found in Fortuna Digital demo centers in Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.