Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Fortuna Komers d.o.o. and its Fortuna Digital d.o.o. companies with HQ in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary and Czech Republic (later named just Fortuna Digital) commit to securing personal information of their users by collecting only necessary and basic ones needed for online activities such as malfunction registration for service, and  periodically sent newsletter to e-mail.

We leave our customers the choice of selecting how their information will be managed, including the possibility of being removed from the e-mail list. All information about our customers are kept safely secure, and are only available to the employees that need it to conduct business. All of Fortuna Digital employees and its business partners are responsible for complying with the terms of privacy policy.

Gathering and usage of information

Fortuna Digital appreciates and protects your privacy. All information given by the customer will not be given to a third party, unless such action is regulated by law. We commit to not selling, renting or transmitting any given information to a third party in a way that was not described in this statement. Fortuna Digital can collect certain information gotten during the users’ visit on our web page, in accordance with the law. These information are gathered to increase the quality and adjustment of the web page to our customers. Fortuna Digital commits to securing the privacy of our users, except in cases of severe rule breaking actions of Fortuna Digital’s web page or illegal user activities.


These Internet sites may contain links to other web pages. We would like to remind you that Fortuna Digital cannot be responsible for privacy policies on other web pages. We encourage our customers to read privacy policies of other Internet sites that collect personal information. This statement is directly connected to all the information gathered on these Internet sites.


Our web pages will occasionally ask for users’ information via questionnaires. Participating in these questionnaires is completely voluntary and leaves the customer a choice of allowing or rejecting to submit the wanted information. Those wanted data can include contact information (such as name, home address, telephone number or email address), demographics information (age or zip code) and/or business related information.

These data will be used for analyzing trends within analyzed groups.

Collecting and processing of personal information

Director of data processing Fortuna Komers d.o.o., with a registered HQ on address Stinice 12, 21000 Split, Croatia, is the director of your personal data processing for the purposes of sending newsletters and conducting questionnaires connected to trend analyses.

Fortuna Digital d.o.o., with a registered HQ on address Stinice 12, 21000 Split, Croatia, is the director of your personal data processing connected to registry of device malfunctions and other activities connected to a higher quality service activities.

The privacy policy is applicable to all personal information gathered and processed, both directly collected or via our partners.

Personal data is any data that refers to a physical person whose identity is verified or can be verified, both directly and indirectly.

Data processing is any action conducted on personal information, such as collecting, storing, using, inspecting and transferring personal information.

This policy is not applicable to anonymous data. Anonymous data is the one that cannot be connected to a physical person.

Data that we collect

Personal information: name, surname, company name, company activities, address, contact telephone number, email address.

Photographs and video recordings: during events (fair, conferences, open days)

Information about the brand and printer model, printer serial number, status of the device and description of the malfunction.

The purpose of collecting the data

Fortuna Digital will gather personal information, company activities information and customer’s business, as well as customer’s interest topics in order to deliver information economically according to the needs of users.

Purpose of collecting data:

  • To be able to answer more efficiently to your requests
  • Providing the requested service
  • Entering our system of prize games
  • Promotion of our products and services (newsletter)
  • Our internal statistic processing of information
  • Opportunity of sending publications, brochures and other promotional materials
  • Photographs from events – media communication with users
  • Entering data to our business base

Transferring to third parties

Personal information can only be transferred to third parties under the condition that there are legal requirements for the transfer.

Your personal information can be transferred to these subjects:

  • State institutions that request the data inspection for some other processing of them, or for execution of rights for non-compliance with the service contract.
  • MailChimp or any other company that Fortuna Digital will have a subscription for, and that conducts automated sending of electronic information.
  • Programmer company that maintains and makes changes on the Fortuna Digital web page also has information for inspection.
  • Programmer company that maintains Fortuna Digital’s computer systems can also inspect the data.

How long do we keep your data

We store and process personal data only for as long it is necessary to execute a certain legitimate purpose, unless the existent regulations foresee a longer period for a certain purpose.

In the case of receiving a a newsletter, we keep the data for as long as your newsletter subscription is active. Any give time, you can request for erasure, and your subscription and personal data will be immediately erased.

Personal data that are no longer necessary are either irretrievably anonymized or safely destroyed.

Where are the personal data stored

All the data are stored on a couple of medias:

  • Data for sending electronical newsletters: on MailChimp servers and local server
  • Data about the user that reports a device malfunction: on the local Fortuna Digital server that only selected employees and servicers have access to
  • Photographs from events: on the local Fortuna Digital server that only selected employees and an authorized maintenance company have access to.

Access and change of data

The user can access their stored information at any moment, and revise, change or delete them. The customer can get any information about what data is stored by Fortuna Digital by simply sending an inquiry via email address:

Feedback can only be possible if the inquiry is sent from an active email address already recorded on our business software with correct data within the email ( name, surname, telephone number of the customer requesting the information) in order to protect you from the possible exposure of your personal data to a third party.

The right for personal data to be forgotten

The user has a right to request erasure of personal data. Simply send a request on email address: and the data will be erased without delays, unless there are legal obligations of storing named data, legitimate interest and a basis for realization of your legal rights.

The right to objection

If you believe you have a reason to object, regardless of taken measures, please contact us at email address: . Along with reporting to us, you can also sent a repost to the Agency for personal information protection.

Personal data security measures

Fortuna Digital can adjust the privacy statement at any moment by publishing the adjusted version on its web page. We invite our customers to skim through it occasionally to see potential new changes. If the user does not concur with this privacy policy, we advise to leave the web page, and not visit it. Adjustments of the privacy policy are affective immediately upon being posted on the web page If the user continues visiting the web page after the adjustments already took place, it is automatically assumed they confirm and accept the adjusted privacy policy.

Cookie policy

Cookie is a data stored on the computer or mobile device of visitors by the web page. Cookie allows the web page to remember visitor’s actions during his/her visit. Most web browsers allow cookies, but the user has the right and opportunity to erase them or set a restriction on the browser for cookies. Most often reasons for cookie usage is to remember the user’s preferences, assistance during typing or reviewing previously looked-up content. This also includes collecting data for analyses and promotional campaigns.

Whilst using cookies, certain data are automatically gathered from your computer the moment you visit a web page. Those information can include the IP address, date and time of visit, data on the type of computer, operational system, web browser you are using, program version, as well as the language settings of your computer. Visiting the page will be followed up by a notification about cookies collecting previously mentioned data. Clicking the “I agree” button, you are giving us a cajolement for collecting those data. If you decide not to give a cajolement, those data will not be collected, stored and processed.

Cookies coming from the first party, which are from the web page you visited, can be temporary or permanent. These cookies allow the web site to store the data for the next time the user visits the web site. Third party cookies come from external services that store limited cookies (services like Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, and AdWords …). Those cookies are set by Fortuna Digital and are used as a tool for interpretation of consumer behaviors and marketing purposes.

Available options for you

In the web browser settings you can regulate which cookies you want to accept, and which not. The position of editing settings is set differently among web browsers, and it can be found by searching the “help” file. If you decide that you do not want to accept cookies from the web page, there is a possibility of not being able to use certain functions on the web page.


If you wish to exercise your right, or have any questions concerning the protection of data in Fortuna Digital, you can send us a message on email address